Signs Of The Age Of Obama

More evidence that President Obama is all about the cult of personality and omnipresence eerily along the lines of third world rulers: Road signs in proximity to "stimulus" projects that bear a logo that recalls his campaign trademark. The signs themselves cost millions of dollars, paid for with — that's right — stimulus funds (i.e., taxpayer money). Talk about campaign finance reform. But we're sure that making the signs and designing the logo put people to work in good, long-term, productive jobs that already are lifting us out of the recession.

For example, Illinois spent $650,000 on 950 signs, while Pennsylvania shelled out $157,000; ABC News estimates that $20 million was spent wasted across the country. Fortunately, the Virginia Department of Transportation had enough sense to refuse the signs (Richmond Times-Dispatch). But not to be outdone, Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones seems to have taken a similar path, putting up specially made signs bearing his name next to all street repaving work. Is that trickle down government — or trickle down adulation?


Sign of the times: Obama is everywhere, man, Obama is everywhere.