Western Extremes

During the Marriage Amendment campaign the pro-marriage coalition insisted, to the ridicule of our opponents, that one of the many reasons the amendment was needed was to blunt a state judge from one day ruling Virginia's marriage statute unconstitutional. Editorial pages from even so-called "conservative" papers hammered us, not to mention the commonwealth's left-wingers. A bunch of nonsense. There's no such thing as a liberal judge in Virginia, we were told.  We're sure the same such thing could be said in such culturally conservative states such as  . . . hmmm, say, Montana. But look what's going on there. Although it doesn't entail judges, a Montana school district recently disclosed plans for an explicit sex education curiculum that has incensed the entire community. Just another case of liberal elites, who think they and they alone know everything, ruling against the will of the people. According to Strollerderby, a leading parenting, and non-political, blog, the curriculum would teach . . .  

kindergarten students about same-gender love and the anatomically correct terms for body parts. In addition, fifth graders will be given the specifics about intercourse and all its variations while high schoolers will get lessons on erotic art and performance anxiety.

(At least we in Virginia wait until students get to William & Mary to learn about "errotic art.")

Here are some other gems from the proposed curriculum, courtesy of The New American:

The first-grade curriculum includes the following goal: "Understand human beings can love someone of the same gender."

Third-graders are taught: “The media often presents an unrealistic image of what it means to be male or female.”

 As Strollerderby writes:

. . . sex education in schools is always a touchy subject. Everyone has different opinions about when and how much information a child should be given and trying to craft a one-size-fits-all curriculum is bound to ruffle some feathers. Because not only do parents have conflicting opinions on the matter, not all kids are ready to learn the details at the same time.

In other words, it is simple common sense to leave the subject alone. However, as shocking as it may be to some, there are extremists, even out in Big Sky Country, who are intent on re-education rather than education, and ramming through unpopular measures, even at the expense of parents' authority. But it couldn't happen here. Right?