Imagine that you own a Toyota Prius and, after all that has been said about their issues with safety lately the mechanic or the car dealer tells you, "well, we feel like our cars are safe." Or how about this...you are about to hop on an airplane and the pilot smiles as you walk by and says, "We feel like you are going to have a safe flight."

Apparently, in the world of Jessica Honke, spokesperson for Planned Parenthood, that would be just fine.

You see, in today's Richmond Times Dispatch Ms. Honke makes a startling statement:  "We feel abortion providers in Virginia are regulated in the same way other medical facilities are that provide outpatient procedures."

Only they aren't, regardless of how Ms. Honke "feels" about the issue. 

Once again, instead of stating fact, the left relies on "feelings."  After all, if someone feels a certain way, it just has to be so.

The truth, however, is something quite different from how Ms. Honke's feels.  Abortion centers in Virginia are treated by the state as doctors offices, with far fewer health and safety requirements than "other medical facilities are that provide outpatient procedures."  They don't require things like defribullators (something that even the General Assembly building has).  There are no required inspections. 

Honestly, if I had my way, every doctor's office in Virginia would be more strigently regulated than they are now, but in facilities that do invasive surgical procedures that require some degree of anesthesia, the least we can have is life saving equipment and an inspection now and then.

No matter how Ms. Honke feels about the issue.