Governor McDonnell Applies For Federal Abstinence Education Grants Kaine Rejected

Governor Bob McDonnell has applied for abstinence-only education grants made available by the Obama administration — oddly enough — the same type of grants rejected by his predecessor Tim Kaine, which ended years of funding abstinence education in Virginia  under governors of both parties. However, Governor McDonnell, staying consistent with his position three years ago when he attended a Family Foundation news conference to call on Mr. Kaine to restore the funds, has applied for the $900,000 funding and will submit in his budget a $400,000 state matching grant. (Even more ironic: Previous administrations have made federal abstinence education grants contingent on a matching state grant. This one does not.) Typically, NARAL and Planned Parenthood, which each have a vested financial interest in ensuring children never learn the word "abstinence," at first tried to lobby the governor's office against applying for the grant and then, upon his decision, blasted him (although we hear no harsh words for President Obama). According to Anita Kumar at the Washington Post Virginia Politics Blog, Planned Parenthood's Jessica Honke issued this statement:

Given Virginia's economic situation, wasting $400,000 of taxpayer money for an ineffective program is not a good use of the commonwealth's limited resources. The simple fact is that young people deserve honest information, not political ideology in their health classrooms.

No school district will be forced to adopt this curriculum, but for those that believe it is in the best interest of their communities, the funds will be available. Call it school choice of another kind. But that doesn't stop the other side from presuming to speak for the majority when, in fact, its position is in the minority (as polls show). It continues to amaze us that pro-abortion groups, which advocate "choice" because they stand to profit by unwanted pregnancies, are against choice in sex education as well as true choice in carrying pregnancies to term (see their opposition to pregnancy resource centers).

But it's worse than that. These groups continue to perpetuate the myth that abstinence education does not work (studies prove otherwise). Somehow, centuries-old and time tested virtue is "dishonest information" and "political," even though it creates healthier societies (physically, mentally and financially). But it is perfectly normal and not political to indoctrinate children that doing something for which they are not ready with questionable means of "protection" somehow is a healthy lifestyle.