It Had To Be Shown: Who's Extreme? Tim Kaine? Or The Rest Of Us?

Far Left Liberals, aided by the Mainstream Media echo chamber (redundant, again, I know), call conservatives "extreme" without impunity. It's a knee-jerk response to anyone who disagrees with its Big Government Control agenda. It's what the Far Left means by "tolerance" — agree with us or we'll distort and caricature your positions as fact and make you out to be a loon. Well, now, just who are the extremists? According to poll after poll, on numerous and various issues, it looks like the American people have a decidedly different view as to who the extremists are. Many are cited in the video below and it doesn't even scratch the surface of polls and issues. Time, of course, is always a constraint, especially as the MSM and its zombie followers are so wrong so often.

But the best thing about this video is its Virginia connection: former Governor Tim Kaine makes not one, but two star appearances, with high-voltage over-the-top rhetoric. So much for that mild mannered, consensus building, "moderate" who ran our commonwealth into the ground while taking orders from his boss, President Barack Obama, as head of the Democrat National Committee. Now, after leaving Capitol Square, we see the real Tim Kaine, unmasked as the mouthpiece of the Fringe Left Wing, a faction so delusional it thinks it represents American thought. The next time a liberal calls you "extreme," show them this video.

On Tuesday, "It Had To Be Said." Today, it had to be shown. The truth on extremism in American politics.