Pelosi Makes Another Bid To Chill Political Opposition And Free Speech

Remember when John Dingell (D-Mich.), the most tenured member of the U.S. House of Representatives, made this comment about needing to "control the people" as the purpose for passing the health care bill? Now, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants to investigate the people (about 70 percent of the country) who oppose the mosque at Ground Zero. Never mind those who want to build it, she'd rather investigate 9/11 survivors and surviving family members. A nefarious lot they are, for sure. Previously, she's called people who disagree with her "NAZIs" and claimed that free market advocate organizations are front groups for big industry, among other crude or misleading remarks. Disagree with her and you are vilified. That having failed, now she wants to bring the considerable weight (and getting heavier each day thanks to her) of the federal government down on anyone with whom she has a difference of opinion. To her, tolerance means "agree with me or else!" But the Hugo Chavez model is not the American model. To think the Far Left in this country bills itself as the conscience of tolerance in this country.

Sorry, Nancy. We know that you left-wingers attempt to redefine almost everything. But "tolerance" doesn't mean "control" or forced agreement and never will. As much as you try, it doesn't — and won't — work that way in America.

Nancy Pelosi: Agree with me or else!