Sheryl Crow Goes To Bat For Tom Perriello

There's been a lot of change in Virginia's 5th Congressional District the last two years. Representative Tom Perriello was a change, not only from Republican to Democrat, but in actual policy and in votes cast. But the Republican Party of Virginia wanted to highlight his change of mind . . . on several issues. But the Web ad it produced last week encountered a sudden change itself when liberal activist/singer Sheryl Crow demanded the sound track of her hit "Change" be taken off the ad (see Charlottesville Daily Progress). Leaving alone the fact that the Congressman seems to need a woman to go to bat for him (the ad must have struck a nerve), this now may be a case of being careful for which you ask — the new version may better focus on substance over style. Which may not be a bad thing in getting the word out.

Here's the ad sans Ms. Crow's crooning. We report you decide. Without the catchy jingle, does the ad get its point across better?

Change all around: Tom Perriello "changed" and Sheryl Crow made sure this ad's tune changed.