Washington's Tax Cartels

Ben Quayle is the son of former Vice President Dan Quayle. He is running for the Republican nomination for a House seat in Arizona. He's made national news recently, not because of his name, but because of a recent ad. It's very bold. Some might say obnoxious and in poor taste, or even that it's not a bad spot, just that he does not posses the right delivery for this type of script. Yet others might say he's plain not cast for a script like this — as one pundit alluded to, it's Mr. Rogers trying to play Tony Soprano. Then there's the, "He's behind and trying something desperate to catch people's attention," accusation. No matter how one critiques it, one thing is for sure: There are some startling phrases and allusions. The one that speaks the loudest here is, "Tax cartels in Washington." It works because it's an accurate description of the liberal regime. But more dynamic pols might better pull it off.

Ben Quayle coins a new phrase: "tax cartels in Washington." He might not be the best messenger, but it's a great use of the political language.