Funded By The "New Stimulus"?

The other day President Obama announced a new, $50 billion "stimulus" bill for transportation and infrastructure, which begs the question: What happened to all those "shovel ready projects" the first, $800 billion stimulus was supposed to fund? Now we're up to "Stimulus 3." Or is it number four? But enough is enough for even the president's rank and file extreme left-wing allies.  Democrats such as Senator Michael Bennett of Colorado — who owes his primary victory to the president and who is behind Republican Ken Buck — have put miles between themselves and Mr. Obama's new spending plan in just the one day since its roll out (see Paul Kane in the Washington Post's Politics and Policy blog). That's some real hard and fast running.

Although we can't verify it, this may be the reason for the opposition: It's not exactly "shovel ready," but rumor has it this is one of the bridge building projects the money would be earmarked for (thanks to friend WizeMaxie):

The latest bridge building project under "Stimulus 3"? Or is it number 4?