Governor Chris Christie Schools Whiny Public School Teacher, Offers Lesson To All Politicians

As another video of Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (see previous one) goes wildly viral, further increasing his legend as the unafraid and bold taker-on of the special interest Left — even in what is typically a rock-solid blue state run by unions, public sector employees and other status-quo-failing-government-programs-and-big-spending-are-fine-by-us power blocs — his national star continues to rise. While Governor Christie takes bold public stances assaulting the vested interests in Trenton, the typical politician in Washington and state capitals works to placate special interests even though they are the same interests working to defeat any reform. Which is why the fat, not-so-telegenic guy is a big star on the national scene while made-for-tv-politicians flounder after promising starts. He knows you can't make deals with the devil.

He is more than a wise-cracking, in-your-face politician, as this video shows. Sure, a pol can make a splash with a sharp tongue. But that takes you only around the block once (except if you're a lefty, in which case the mainstream media thinks you are the second coming). But he also calmly, reasonably, factually makes his case. Which is what conservatism is all about. The applause is the proof in the pudding.

Chris Christie, Super Star!