Although people realize Planned Parenthood is pro-abortion, many might not know what its motivation is and why it is so vehemently against abstinence education. For example, in 2007, despite abstinence-education funding from governors of both parties, then-Governor Tim Kaine, at Planned Parenthood's urging, abruptly ended Virginia's matching grant to the federal program for abstinence-centered education, thus disqualifying the commonwealth from federal funds. Why? Simple. Although Planned Parenthood obstensibly asserts that abstinence education isn't effective, its motivation likely lies closer to the fact that abstinence education costs it government grants because it teaches "comprehensive sex education" in many states. This form of "education" encourages sexual activity by blurring the lines of responsible behavior and the lack of consequences of irresponsible behavior (because, you know, you can always use "protection").

But the big motivation is that abstinence education works, and a decrease in crisis and teen pregnancies, which "comprehensive education" helps foster, means less abortion business for Planned Parenthood. Recent studies have shown that abstinence-centered education, particularly programs in Virginia, have been successful in preventing teen pregnancy and delaying sexual activity. Additionally, polling indicates that parents want their children to be taught abstinence.

So the deck is stacked against Planned Parenthood. That's why it ferociously fights to protect and advance abortion, uses tactics subtle and loud, and why it is particularly disturbed by Governor Bob McDonnell's decision this week to apply for federal abstinence education funding and to provide a state matching grant as well to school districts who decide to teach it.

Of course, the irony that Planned Parenthood won't acknowledge is that the federal funds come from President Barack Obama's budget and, most shocking, unlike former President George W. Bush's administration, does not require a state matching grant to qualify for the federal funds. This, undoubtedly, has added to Planned Parenthood'$ frustration and vitriol this week. However, it ha$n't added to it$ motivation. That'$ alway$ been there and will continue to be.