Thanks To Our 25th Anniversary Gala Sponsors!

This year marks The Family Foundation's 25th anniversary. That's 25 years of standing up in the public square for life, marriage, parental authority, constitutional government and religious freedom. We could not have made it this far, or realized the successes we've seen, without the faithful support of our partners. For that reason, we want to express our special appreciation for all of our 25th Anniversary Gala sponsors. Through their generosity, the following individuals, families, elected officials and businesses have allowed us not only to commemorate this special milestone, but also ensure that we retain our position as the Commonwealth's leading voice for traditional values.

Thank You!

It’s not too late to add your name to this list or to purchase individual or couples tickets. Please visit our Gala Web page here or call The Family Foundation at 804-343-0010. Space in the Gala program to advertise your business or recognize The Family Foundation's 25th anniversary also remains available.

Special thanks to our 25th Anniversary Gala sponsors and patrons:


Anonymous * Tom and Nancy Chewning * Ruble and Sharon Hord * Scott and Teri Rigell * John and Margaret Whitlock

Five Star

Governor Bob McDonnell * John and Shirley Seibert * Rick and Sherry Sharp * The Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Central Virginia * James Wynne

Four Star

Barrett Capital Management, LLC * Congressman Eric Cantor * Steve and Renee Hupp * Chris and Marilyn Meyer * Ken and Linda Newsome * Jonathan and Milby West * Scott and Amy Ziegler

Three Star

Anonymous (2) * David and Kay Barrett * Mack and Gay Bass * Birthmother Ministries, Inc. (Birthmothers ®) * Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling * Morton and Helen Blackwell * Wendell and Alice Brown * Bruce and Karlynn Bucher * Donelson Caffery and Angela Wiggins * ccAdvertising * Delegate Ben and Elizabeth Cline * Mike and Phyllis Cobb * Pastor Bob Collins * Rick and Nancy Collins * Tim and Hunter Cook * Alex Cooke * Carlo and Heather Cordasco * Robert and Kathie Cox * Jim and Suzanne Curran and Daryl and Tara Bowman * John and Rebecca Disosway * The Honorable Doug and Jean Domenech * Equity Concepts, LLC * Eternity Anglican Church * Ty and Margy Fabling and Toni and Carla Williams * Faith Baptist Church (Prince George County) * Bob and Susan Fitch * Bruce and Donna Folkes * Home School Legal Defense Association * David and Marcy Kozlowski * John and Suzanne Kuta * Delegate Jimmie and Elizabeth Massie * Fred and Anne McCormick * Michael and Kris McMunn * The Steve Morales Family * National Church Purchasing Group * National Institute of Family and Life Advocates * Mac and Lorna Nichols * Delegate John and Honorable Pat O’Bannon * Barry and Linda Oxford * G.F. (Penn) and Lynn Pendleton * Chris and Billie Jean Pickford * PODS — Portable on Demand Storage * The Rappahannock Region Family Forum * The Honorable Jack and Judi Reid * Religious Freedom Coalition * John and Susan Robinson * Phil and Rachel Rohrer * Eric and Tammy Samuelson * Rick Schofield (2) * Randy and Sharon Secrist * Paul and Lorna Swenson * Thomas Road Baptist Church * Lindsay Trittipoe * Todd and Jill Vander Pol and Family * Virginia Christian Alliance * Delegate Lee Ware * The Wilkes Family * A.C. and Lucy Wilson and Bob and Pat Wilson * Congressman Rob Wittman * David and Stephanie Wyman

Two Star

Melvin Adams * K. Bakeer Al-Mateen * Margaret Barbee * Dan and Janis Carrell * Delegate Barbara Comstock * Delegate Kirk and Julie Cox * Bob and Rose Follett * Congressman Bob Goodlatte * Louis and Phyllis Heacock * Speaker Bill and Cessie Howell * Senator Ryan McDougle * Bill and Hope McRorie * Senator Tommy Norment * S. Ronald Owens * Randy and Clay Reynolds * Delegate Roxann Robinson * Mike and Elizabeth Smith * Ashley and Gail Taylor * Senator Jill and Alex Vogel

One Star

Jim and Betsy Beamer * Dick Black for Senate * Peter and Mary Ana Broadbent * Marilyn Brooks * Delegate Kathy Byron * Delegate Bill and Paula Carrico * Charlie and Shirley Cheek * Child Evangelism Fellowship of Greater Richmond * Delegate Mark and Genia Cole * Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli * Jasen and Christy Eige * Delegate Scott and Whitney Garrett * Shaun Griffin * The Honorable John Hager * Thomas and Jennifer Hanrahan * Jim Hinish * Steve Hunt for Senate * The Kincaid Family * Delegate Manoli and Hyde Loupassi * John Luck Renovations * Gary and Aimee Marx * McLaughlin & Associates * Stu and Laura Mendelsohn * Tom and Donna Morr * Linda Nash * Christopher and Jennifer Nolen * Delegate Glenn Oder * Arne and Arlene Owens * Patricia Phillips for Senate * Delegate Brenda and Roger Pogge * Delegate Charles and Janet Poindexter * Jack and Diana Robinson * Senator Frank Ruff * The Honorable Eva and Leander Scott * Galen and Janet Simmons * Van and Phyllis Stephenson * John and Margaret Thompson * Wendell and Patsy Walker