What's A Crisis And When Are We In One?

Listen to the liberals: We have a health care crisis. We have an education crisis. We have an obesity crisis. We have an environmental crisis. We have a swine flu crisis (oh, wait, that was last year). We have just about every type of crisis, but one: An employment crisis. While the unemployment rate is near 10 percent, GDP at a pitiful 1 percent and the underemployment rate of those who've quit looking for work or who work only part-time is estimated to be around 18 percent. But, somehow, we don't hear the word "crisis" used by liberal politicians or their allies in the mainstream media when, in fact, our economic situation truly is in crisis and the aspect of not having a job is considerably more serious than some kid's spare tire or any of the many contrived "crises" liberals in office or behind an anchor desk or with a by line pound at us each and every day.

Many people have serious problems and concerns. It may be their health, it may be a crummy school. It may be they are worried about a polar bear and think by recycling their plastic they can say its habitat. Rarely do they rise to the level of a mass crisis requiring national government intervention. A country on the verge of economic collapse under the weight of unfathomable debt and decreasing job growth, however, does qualify as a crisis. Yet, the liberals in charge care not in lieu of their pet gripes of matters not of their concern or beyond their authority.