While Life Is Tough In VA-9, Rick Boucher Buys New Car With Campaign Money!

This tone-deaf, out-of-touch, slap-in-the-face political elitism from Virginia's senior Democrat in the House of Representatives, Rick Boucher, who represents the Commonwealth's "Fightin' Ninth" district in the great southwest of our state . . .  from an alert reader via Red State's Moe Lane via Not Larry Sabato (this is what the experts call "viral"):

Via  . . . Not Larry Sabato, who cannot be happy about the fact that his fully-justified anger at seeing a 14 term Democratic Congressman use campaign finance money to buy himself a nice, new car is now showing up as yet another reason why to vote for Rick Boucher’s opponent Morgan Griffith, who is not using special-interest money to buy himself shiny new automobiles. I know this because I just called to check; and the sound of their laughter at the very thought . . .

PS: For extra giggles, Boucher sabotaged his own administration’s fiscal policies by buying a Ford. What, Government Motors wasn’t good enough for the Democrat? Didn’t the government buy that company for our own good?

PPS: Morgan is also campaigning on the idea of cutting Congress’s pay by 10%.

By the way, of the four races targeted in Virginia, this was probably rated the fourth. However, an in-the-know source told me yesterday, Griffith, the House of Delegates Majority Leader, is behind only by eight points, after starting down 20. The car purchase may be good for Mr. Boucher's comfortable rides, but my guess is that it's also good for another two-three points in the polls for Delegate Griffith.