BREAKING: Internet Exclusive: See Entire Cuccinelli Post Health Care Hearing News Conference Here

In an another Internet exclusive, just as with the July 1 hearing on the federal government's motion to dismiss Virginia's constitutional challenge to the new federal health care law, we have Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli's entire post-hearing news conference. The meeting with the media took place at about 12:30, about an hour after Federal District Judge for the Eastern District of Virginia Henry Hudson heard two hours of oral arguments from the Department of Justice, representing U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, and the Office of the Attorney General, representing the Commonwealth of Virginia. The news conference is in five parts below. We will have comment tomorrow. No need to sort through what the mainstream media tells you. Hear and see it for yourself, right here. Attorney General Cuccinelli's statement and questions from the media take about 42 minutes. His statement is in the first two parts, and takes about 18 minutes. A good portion of his statement recaps the hearing (which was good since seats in the courtroom were limited and the overflow room's audio failed) and then lays out the historical and legal basis for the constitutional challenge. Whatever one thinks of the Attorney General Cuccinelli's positions, no one can doubt his preparation and knowledge of the legal, historical and constitutional context of the matter at hand.