Fimian Takes The Fight To Connolly In Last Night's Debate

In the hotly contested and close 11th district Congressional race, Republican Keith Fimian, by all accounts, took it to incumbent Democrat Gerry Connolly at Tysons Corner debate last night.  Here's a Fimian quote as reporter by the Washington Examiner (click here for the entire article):

The single most important thing government can do to create jobs is reduce uncertainty. Mr. Connolly doesn't know that — he's never created a job his whole life. As a consequence, he is not in a position to fix what's broken.

The line is emerging, perhaps, as Fimian's closing argument. He is spotlighting Connolly's record as chairman of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors and now in Congress: increased property taxes, two pay raises, and a $650 million deficit. In only one term in Congress, Connolly voted for  more than $600 billion in new taxes, supported Nancy Pelosi 97 percent of the time, and helped create an unsustainable national debt by voting for the stimulus and Obamacare.

Fimian sees a "pattern," thus the name of his latest television ad:

Republican Keith Fimian setting the record straight on Gerry Connolly's "pro-business" record.