Former Virginia First Lady Running From Pelosi, Too?

The TEA Party Convention wasn't the only big event in the capital city last weekend. There was our gala, of course (more about that soon). But if you've never been, each year around this time the city hosts the Richmond Folk Festival — traditional music from cultures around the world. It's the old-time of the Crooked Road to Irish Celtic music to amazing Japanese percussionists. About 180,000 people attended the free event last weekend.

Among those 180,000 was a familiar looking woman dancing off to the side of one of the seven stages, where a Texas fiddle band played, while her friends smiled at her approvingly. My friend and I couldn't figure out how we knew her and then it hit me. Hmm. But I wasn't sure. After the band finished, we walked around the to get another angle. Still not sure. We debated whether to ask her if she was who we thought she was, but thought that wasn't too bright. I saw one of her friends peel away from the group so I approached and asked if her friend was who I thought she was. The reply was yes.

"Will she pose for a picture?" At this point the friend sneered at my "Fire Pelosi" button and my "Chuck Smith for Congress" lapel sticker and said, "You'll have to ask her yourself." So, I did. She was no longer dancing, but holding court so I had to interrupt her, tapping her gently on her shoulder.

"Excuse me, Ms. Holton, may I get my picture with you?" She turned, faced me straight, with my accessories in full view, smiled and said, "Sure. I'm glad someone still recognizes me!"

That's life. Not long ago people would pay $500 for a photo with her and her husband, former governor, and current DNC Chairman, Tim Kaine. Now, any old music fan, even a nemesis conservative blogger, can get one for free. Will we be able to say the same about Tim at next year's festival?


Odd Couple finds common ground: Former First Lady Anne Holton posing with your Admin. We both love the Richmond Folk Festival.