The Mind Of Modern Liberalism: Why Was Bobby Scott So Defensive On WRVA?

One of the most left-wing members of Congress is Democrat Bobby Scott from Virginia's third district. His district was drawn up for him about 20 years ago. It is the model of gerrymandering, so he rarely has opposition. Yet, this morning on WRVA-AM with host Jimmy Barrett, he was a bit defensive. (Is Republican Chuck Smith closer than many think?) But the real issue here is Rep. Scott's non-germane answers to Barrett's questions: It's out of control liberalism at its finest. If you want to know the mind of a modern day leftist-statist, listen to this interview. To Mr. Scott, there is nothing government can't do for you. It's the first, second and third option. His answers were so out of control, factually challenged and knee-jerk radical-liberal pap, that Barrett uncharacteristically ended the interview early. And liberals think they are inherently smarter than the rest of us?

Click here to listen to the mind of a liberal (7:30).