Virginia Obamacare Law Suit To Be Heard Monday Morning

Virginia's law suit against the new health care law — known officially as "Commonwealth of Virginia, Ex Rel. Kenneth T. Cuccinelli, II vs. Kathleen Sebelius, Civil No. 3:10CV188, Motion Hearing" — will proceed Monday morning at 9:00 in Judge Henry Hudson's Richmond courtroom. The hearing is on the heels of yesterday's decision by Federal District Judge Roger Vinson in Florida to allow the 20 State Law Suit to proceed as well ( While that case is behind the Eastern District of Virginia's famous "Rocket Docket," and is where the Virginia case stood about a month ago, the fact that the weight of 21 states now are at full trial over the constitutionality of Obamacare was welcome news to Attoreny General Cuccinelli (Washington Post Virginia Politics Blog). We will be there in the courtroom Monday (or, most likely, in a satellite room with a video feed), and provide our impressions later in the day (electronic equipment is not permitted in the courtroom). So please check in with us. We also hope to be at any post hearing news conference the attorney general may hold, just as we were after the hearing on the federal government's motion to dismiss in July. We were the only media anywhere to post video of the entire news conference (see it here, as relevant points to Monday's hearing were discussed).

We expect Attorney General Cuccinelli will be on several television interview shows throughout Monday afternoon and evening, so there will be plenty of opportunity to hear straight from the source. In the meantime, here's a video of a speech he made at a freedom rally in D.C. last month:

Getting his day in court. More precisely, the people getting their day in court against the government's unprecedented power grab over individual liberty.