Ad Of The Year?

This ad by Citizens Against Government Waste is getting rave reviews by people of all political stripes. It scored in the 90s among Republicans and around 75 among Democrats in a Dr. Frank Luntz focus group, the highest ever bipartisan approval he's ever seen for a political ad. It goes to show how massive, incomprehensible debt (in the multi trillions of dollars)scares everyone but the most left wing of the electorate — and rightly so. If all good humor must contain at least a grain of truth, then all credible looks into the future must have a seed of realism, which is why this ad soars — unlike the futuristic dud produced recently by the left wing pressure group (starring a big name Hollywood actress, no less). It also may be a metaphor for this election.

It's no longer Halloween, but consider this our horror story for the ocassion. Released on October 20, already nearly 900,000 people have viewed it. Will it scare people across the country to the polls?

 Not so nutty Chinese professor. What would've seemed impossible a a few years ago will be on our door step shortly if we don't elect the leaders who will take corrective action now.