AG Cuccinelli Drops In Behind Enemy Lines Tonight!

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, who has been very visible on national media outlets in his 10 months in office, will participate in an interview tonight in an interesting venue — the new Parker Spitzer show on CNN (8:00 with re-airs throughout the night). You may remember Mr. Spitzer (aka Client No.9), the governor of New York for a few months until it was revealed he had a proclivity for prostitutes. The interview most likely will center on Virginia's lawsuits against the EPA and health care law/Obamacare (Christian Daily News). Before his short reign as governor, Mr. Spitzer served several years as New York's self-styled crusading attorney general, suing any and every company he could find under any pretense so as to make them conform to his control and mandates. Do business in New York? You'll do it the Spitzer way. We saw what the Spitzer way is, of course. Worse than that, he also was, perhaps, the most pro-unlimited-abortion, pro-Planned Parenthood attorney general in the country

I've seen the show once. Mr. Sptizer, who CNN has shamelessly tried to rehabilitate — the road to television stardom for liberals seems to be get in trouble with the law — teams with the mushy Kathleen Parker to "hold people accountable" (but apparently not the viewers, as its ratings already are tanking, per the Wall Street Journal). Who held self-righteous Mr. Spitzer accountable when he was ruining American businesses? In the show I saw, Mr. Spitzer, documents in hand, emphatically whipping off his glasses for dramatic, courtroom-style effect, grilled Senator-elect Rand Paul (R-Ky.) as if he was a prosecutor and Dr. Paul was a defendant. Dr. Paul was patient, but firm, when refuting Mr. Spitzer's ludicrously lame attempts to portray him as a hypocritical bumpkin, getting in a well-timed deflating shot as well.

Which brings us to tonight. If the interview is anything like the Rand Paul interview, and Mr. Spitzer attempts to don the super-liberal-hero-sophisticate cape again, trying to relive his attorney general glory vs. a true hero, we suspect the arrogant Mr. Spitzer will learn something Virginia liberals learned long ago — try to trip up Mr. Cuccinelli and you'll end up falling over the cliff yourself.

Senator-elect Rand Paul would have nothing of Eliot Spitzer's bloviating.