"Don't Tread On Me" Plates Bill To Come Before General Assembly

Not only will Virginians have the opportunity to drive around with an attractive In God We Trust license plate, approval for a Don't Tread On Me plate also will be before the 2011 General Assembly. Delegate John O'Bannon (R-73, Henrico) has introduced HB 1418 to establish the plate but, as with the all specialty plates, the General Assembly requires at least 350 pre-filed applications to be on hand for the legislation to be approved. Delegate O'Bannon spoke about the plate this morning on WRVA-AM's Richmond Morning News with Jimmy Barrett (listen here).

A fee of $10 must accompany the application; $20 if you want a personalized specialty plate. At the recent Virginia Tea Party convention, 912 Richmond, the people behind the idea, gathered more than 475 signatures in support of issuing the license plate. For more information, and to get an application, see Right Side News, here.


Don't tread on me  . . . or where my tires tread, either. The Gadsden flag plate soon may pass you by on a Virginia road.