Spitzer Out Of His League Debating Cuccinelli

Last night, Client No.9, the former New York attorney general and governor, Eliot Spitzer, tried a typical elitist tactic when debating Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli on the CNN program Parker Spitzer. Not having any constitutional basis on which to debate Mr. Cuccinelli, he relied on the patently immature "virtually every constitutional scholar says you don't have a case" assertion. First, it's not true. Second saying it over and over won't ever make it true. Not that Client No.9 didn't try a legal argument. He did, but it was mission aborted from twin malfunctions of indecipherable run-arounds and a simple thing called the constitution (not to mention an incredible misunderstanding of the bill's provisions). Attorney General Cuccinelli simply cited reason, history, the law, precedent and the constitution. Which is why he filed the lawsuit against the federal government's health care law — it is so brazenly beyond the widest stretches ever imagined of the constitution (see Cuccinelli news conference).

Then it was time for Spitzer's sophomoric, "well, my dad said," exclamation. What the Left means when they say that is: We know more than you, so just go home and mind your business. You're an idiot for wasting your time. Arrogance is the one thing they are good at.

So, who are these constitutional scholars? They are never named. Maybe the line should be modified to "every liberal constitutional scholar." The fact is, there are plenty of constitutional scholars who say Virginia's case against Obamacare is sound. Here's eight, in one quick search, courtesy of Hadley Heath at healthcarelawsuits.org. Besides, we'll take Madison, Hamilton and Jayover any liberal law school dean any day of the week.  

While Mr. Spitzer wasn't as obnoxious as he was to Senator-elect Rand Paul (R-Ky.), he was condescending. That said, what else does he have to go on? Since more people saw Client No.9 during his legal troubles (zennie62.com) than watch his show (wonkette.com) — and only slightly more than 100 have viewed the video on YouTube as of this posting — we thought we'd bring it to you.

Spitzer's legal incoherence was easy for Cuccinelli to take apart. Client No.9 amazingly thinks there are no checks on Congress.