A Great In Your Face To Christmas Commercialism

Tomorrow night, barring a presidential interruption, The Charlie Brown Christmas special will air on ABC (or see it here on FanPop). The show's everlasting quality and meaning is grounded in a longing for the meaning of Christmas beyond the corruption of the Holy Day by crass commercialism. While the Peanuts gang may be more subtle, there's no question its Christmas special is an in-your-face slam at those who would secularize Christmas. In a modern day slam along the same lines, we have this "Christmas Flash Mob" stunt produced by Alphabet Photography of Niagara Falls, Ontario. How appropriate! One of the most famous songs of praise to Christ in the middle of a mall! This must see video was done less than a month ago and already is a YouTube sensation with about 12.5 million views!

A modern day sequel to A Charlie Brown Christmas? Timeless music in an unusual place, a must see, truly putting Christ back in Christmas.