Capitol Office Questions Answered: Looks Like Cox Will Have Three!

When news broke Monday that Delegate Kirk Cox (R-66, Colonial Heights), not unexpectedly, was elected by his House GOP colleagues to Majority Leader, we offered that the real suspense of General Assembly insiders is where his new office will be. As majority whip, he had a basic corner office in the General Assembly Building. But last session, when he ascended to vice chairman of the Appropriations Committee, he gained one of only two prestigious ninth floor perches. As the Majority Leader, would he move to the sixth floor where the leadership of each party and chamber has a suite of high profile space? Who would get the newly vacated space he would not use? These are the questions that buzz around Capitol Square. Now, we are the first to report the answers.

According to reliable sources, Delegate Cox will keep both! As one observer said, the sixth floor office has no windows, so it makes sense to keep the ninth floor space as well. Another said the windowless Majority Leader's office was perfect for its most recent inhabitant, newly elected Congressman Morgan Griffith, because of his nose-to-the-grindstone persona. Besides, the sixth floor office is right at the entrance to the GAB stairwell, which, for all practical purposes, is a fire lobbyist escape. 

But not only will the new Majority Leader have the two GAB offices, he'll also have, we forgot to mention last time, an office in Mr. Jefferson's Capitol — as do the Speaker and the Minority Leader. He's accumulating more real estate than Donald Trump, but he will need it. With so much on his plate, the offices will serve as hideouts to secure himself from and misdirect the special interests who are sure to hound him. As well as we know Delegate Cox, we're confident he'll handle all of his new responsibilities with great grace, equanimity and humility.