From Ireland With Love: A Rose Of A Video To Us

Last week I wrote a post about marriage and the results of a new Pew Research Center survey on attitudes toward that institution (see here). To my great surprise and delight, we received a comment on it from Rose Redding — from Ireland! Rose made some great points to which I agreed and added a few more. She replied to my comment, as well, and in addition to offering her compliments on our efforts here at FamilyFoundationBlog, she did something really wonderful: She created a 2-minute video tribute to marriage dedicated to this blog. We have thousands of dedicated readers and activists, but that's a fan first for us! A very warm and grateful thank you, Rose. We greatly appreciate the time and creativity it took to create this video, and love your dedication to the God ordained institution of marriage. We're blessed to have many dedicated visitors to this site each week and are extremely honored to count you among them. We have established a permanent link to this video as a "Page"  for ready access to visitors from here on

A Rose of a video about marriage . . . all the way from Ireland!