Happy New Year From The Family Foundation!

As the clock winds down on an eventful 2010 and the first decade of a new millennium, and we head into the unknown of a new year and new decade, we can and should take pause over the next few days to reflect on what has been. But also what could be and how to bring it to fruition — personally and in the public square. It hardly seems possible that another decade has whisked by. Watching not only a couple digits change, but all four at the millennium, was quite something. It's been tumultuous — an impeached president left office and one who barely won came in; sneak terrorist attack, war, roaring economy, economic panic and Great Recession; leftist electoral wins and a conservative comeback (started here in Virginia).

While there are many highlights from 2010 on which to reflect upon, here we mention, briefly, a local one: this blog. Thank all of you for making it immensely popular. We have doubled our readership, easily, over the last year, and thousands visit this site every month. We greatly appreciate your loyalty. But 2011 only will get bigger and better. We have plans for many upgrades and features — starting with a bang as the General Assembly gets underway in a couple of weeks and we bring you unrivaled coverage with our many sources and lobbyists.

We will need you then more than ever. Stay engaged to bring positive, conservative change to restore our traditional values to the Commonwealth. Not only will we need you to stay informed here, but to stay on top of it all by joining us on Facebook and following us on Twitter. The GA moves fast and we'll pump out crucial information through those sites, as well as our highly praised e-mail alert system (sign up here). When your legislators need to be contacted to vote for or against a bill, we'll let you know through all of these systems as well as this site, which will have more detailed analysis. Our numbers on all of our social media sites are good, but as the stakes in Richmond get higher, we need every possible conservative activist engaged. So help us spread the word!

In the meantime. we will heed our own advice and take advantage of the next few days to unwind and recharge and reflect, and have some fun. We hope you do, too. From all of us at The Family Foundation of Virginia — the Board, staff, volunteers and thousands of grassroots activists across the Commonwealth — we wish everyone a joyful, safe, healthy, prosperous and happy New Year.