Quote Of The Day: Educrat Style

Today's Quote of the Day involves your humble blogger. The Conservative Caucus annual legislative agenda news conference had hardly ended when the entire educrat establishment rushed the House Briefing Room as if there was great anticipation for its reply news conference to Governor Bob McDonnell's education reform event yesterday. They were all there: The VEA, the superintendents association, the school board association, you name it. Two men each had two huge stacks of red folders. I politiely asked for one. The first man rejected me, saying they were for the media. I mentioned that he had about two dozen and there were only about eight media in the room. Didn't matter. I then told him, "I do the blog for The Family Foundation." He said if there were any extra I could get one.

So, I approached the other, equally well supplied man, for one:

Admin: May I have one of those?

Educrat: They are for the media.

Admin: I write the blog for The Family Foundation.

Educrat: They're for the Mainstream media! 

Oh! I get it! Any wonder the education establishment is viewed as isolated, statist and the only roadblock to reform of our failing education system? Publicly, their motto is, "It's about the children." In reality, it's all about them.

After I left and it was apparent they had an abundance of leftovers, they supplied our intern one. She taped the event, as well as the Conservative Caucus news conference. We hope to have both up tomorrow.