Health Care Abortion Funding Opt-Out in Committee Tomorrow!

Last night HB 2147, which provides an abortion funding opt-out for ObamaCare, and patroned by Delegate Ben Cline (R-24, Rockbridge), barely made it out of a House sub-committee on a 6-5 vote. It next goes to the full House Commerce and Labor Committee Thursday afternoon.

Please contact members today and ask them to vote to report HB 2147.

HB 2147 was introduced as a preemptive measure to ensure that Virginia taxpayers are not forced to subsidize abortion in ObamaCare's mandated state-run health insurance exchanges. If Virginia's constitutional challenge is ultimately not successful, and ObamaCare gets fully enacted, Virginia could potentially offer taxpayer funded elective abortion coverage through its insurance exchange. Pro-family citizens opposed to abortion would be mandated to fund this unethical destruction of human life.

Anticipating this problem, there is a clause in the federal health care law that allows states to opt out of abortion funding in their statewide exchanges.  More than 30 states have either passed or are introducing opt-out legislation regarding the coverage of abortion in these exchanges, while Pennsylvania and Maryland are offering this coverage.

Even so, debate was hot last night in subcommittee (see video below). NARAL's representative claimed in her testimony that "this bill is the ultimate example of government intrusion into private contracts." If excluding taxpayer dollars from funding elective abortion is "the ultimate" in government intrusion, what exactly is ObamaCare? Others argued that this bill is premature, since a health care exchange has not been set up yet in Virginia — exactly why we (and those 30 states) must be proactive, not reactive, in preventing the funding of the destruction of human life.

HB 2147 is on the docket for the House Commerce and Labor committee meeting this Thursday afternoon. Committee members need to hear today from their constituents on the importance of this bill!

Delegate Cline makes the case: Virginia must be prepared not to spend taxpayers' money on elective abortion.

Hearing is sometimes not believing, which is good when NARAL presents testimony.