"Pro-Abortion" Is Very Real

Disturbing. That's the word that came to mind as I reviewed a Web site associated with Planned Parenthood called imnotsorry.net. The site proclaims itself as a place "where women can share their positive experiences with abortion."

Perhaps the hardest part of the site to read, beyond the graphic descriptions of abortions that were "positive experiences," is the attitudes expressed on the "answers the pro-lifers" page. This is where the site’s contributors refer to unborn children in the first few weeks of life as an "alien-looking clump roughly the size of a kidney bean."

It gets far worse. The site states in response to women who want children:

(That not) every woman gets gooey over babies and wants to be a mother. We have no doubt that the moment the human race figured out that babies were the result of sex, someone began coming up with birth control and abortion.

Babies are the problem, of course.

The idea that children are a “gift from God”?

Children are conceived through sexual intercourse between a man and a woman with either no or failed contraception. We've slept with men who thought they were God, but the actual Big Guy himself has no hand in it. And there's quite a few people on the planet who (hang on to your hats) don't believe in any sort of deity.

The rest of the response is so filled with bitterness toward God, that I'm not going to repeat it. Whoever wrote it has clearly had a painful life. I pray for him or her.

The popular line in the media and those who promote abortion is that no one is “pro-abortion.” How we wish that were true. One review of imnotsorry.net (and I warn you, there is offensive language in many of the stories) tell us that when we use the phrase “pro-abortion” to describe some people in our nation, we are being very accurate (see a story that celebrates abortion).

This Web site ignores the multitude of women who regret the decision they made to have an abortion. Whether they where coerced or unsupported by loved ones, they believed they had no options. That "choice" haunts them. They see it as anything but a "positive experience."

It is our job to show women who have had abortions the love and compassion that God has showed each of us for the poor decisions we've made in our lives. It's why ministries such as Silent No More exist, to provide support and love for women who have suffered from their decisions. We also must do all we can to make sure that every woman considering abortion has all the most accurate information available about her unborn child — such as an ultrasound — so that their "choice" is an informed one.