Simply Symphonic: "Virginia"

Here's another version of Page Wilson's "Virginia" that I found a few moments ago. Mr. Wilson passed away unexpectedly last week in his beloved "Chickahominy Swamp" in Hanover County. I couldn't resist posting it because this version is performed by Page and his band, Reckless Abandon, and the Richmond Symphony (though not all the sweet string sounds are from the orchestra). There's a couple of bumps in the recording but you can't listen to this without your heart bring moved. How can this not be Virginia's state song?

Virginia was richer for Page's time here. Home in his heart was always Virginia, but Virginia's heart is a little bit broken without him. As someone wrote in a tribute: "We can hear with clarity the pure and innocent, unblemished sound of your voice echoing from the great swamplands of heaven."

"So shed no tears at life's passing. Know the best is yet to come. Find the peace everlasting, was peace of mind all along."

"Home will always be Virginia . . . You know I make my home in Virginia, between the Blue Ridge and the Chesapeake Bay. And when this earthly ramble is over my soul will find peace there always. Home in my heart is Virginia."