Comeback For Jeff Frederick?

Our friends at Virginia Virtucon this morning relayed what appears to be an e-mail update to friends from former delegate and Republican Party of Virginia Chairman Jeff Frederick in which he announces that he is "actively considering" a run for the 36th district Virginia Senate seat currently held by liberal Democrat Toddy Puller. In the note, Mr. Frederick also announces the launch of his new web site and blog and plugs his new political action committee — Virginia's Future PAC — dedicated to funding conservative Virginia legislative candidates. But the thrust of it is about his potential run for the General Assembly's upper chamber:

Second, I have a bit of an announcement. Sort of.

To perhaps reduce some of the phone calls I’m getting from a number of folks, I wanted to let you know that I am actively considering running for the state Senate. Specifically, in the 36th district (current incumbent: Toddy Puller).

You know me as someone “who does what he says” and “says what he means”, so when I say we’re considering running, I mean it. Nothing more and nothing less; this is not some coy politician way of saying I’m running but I don’t want it public yet. The honest truth is that I’m on the fence (which is unusual for me). The fact is, as you might imagine, there are both pros and cons of such an undertaking of attempting to unseat an incumbent in a marginal (or just flat out tough gerrymandered) district; doing so in such a short timeframe; and reentering public life with three children under the age of 5.

But, for me it’s always been about serving and if God is lighting the path for me to contribute in this way, we’ll charge full speed ahead at the opportunity — and the challenge.

It would certainly be interesting campaign if Mr. Frederick enters it and quite a contrast in candidates' philosophies. But despite the Democrat leanings of the district, no one should count out the former delegate should he run. After all, he won three terms in the House from a Democrat leaning district that went to the Dems in 2009 — a landslide Republican year and the year he did not seek re-election. So, he does know how to campaign. If he does run and win, the Virginia Senate most definitely will be a different place. Stay tuned.