"Fair minded" Silencing

So we’ve been getting our share of hate mail the past few days, mostly because of our position that children deserve both a mom and a dad.  Such an idea, we are told, is hateful and bigoted.  Of course no one has told us yet which parent is unnecessary for the raising of children, mommy or daddy?  Or why the state should be in the business of denying children either a mom or a dad.  But that would require open debate, something the homosexual “rights” movement wishes to avoid. Anyway, one of the more brilliant (sarcasm alert) lines in an email we received was from a woman in St. Louis who stated that she “will support all fair-minded efforts to silence” groups like ours.  Yup, fair minded and silence in the same sentence.

And we are supposed to take seriously their logic that having both a mom and a dad is inherently bigoted when they consider silencing people who hold an opposite viewpoint “fair minded”? 

Late last year, we joined dozens of other national leaders in the “Stop Hating, Start Debating” campaign.  Obviously, those who wish to silence us have no room for free speech and open debate.  The idea that people should decide their values for themselves is antithetical to their post-modern viewpoint that absolutes don’t exist.  Except, of course, for their absolutes, which you must accept or be silenced. 

 We're not afraid of their arguments, what makes them so afraid of ours?

 The hypocrisy of the left never ceases to amaze.