It's May Which Means Soon We'll Have Some Surprise Announcements

What does late spring in an odd year mean? Of course! The Family Foundation Action General Assembly Report Card soon will be released, grading all 140 members of the General Assembly over the last two years on matters of family values and limited government (click here for ordering information). It also means our Annual General Assembly Report soon will be available online. It's a summary of events and an overview of the recent session, a look at what was accomplished and what was not, as well as a behind the scenes look at how some legislation was made (not pretty!). We'll post the details and the link as soon as it becomes available. We also have a pretty big announcement, hopefully, sometime this week. Keep checking back for it. We think you'll like this surprise — and it's not the Equality Virginia news conference tomorrow, either, although we'll be there to cover it just in case there is anything if import to come out of it. So, please continue to log on to our social media sites to keep up to date on several news items from The Family Foundation.