Gay Pride: A View From My Window

The move is complete and The Family Foundation has a new home.  It is a tremendous opportunity for our organization to grow and continue to increase our influence on behalf of Virginia families.  The new digs happen to come with some very interesting views out our windows.  Some of the windows look out over the beautiful Capitol lawn and state building tops, each flying high the Virginia state flag, inspiration for our work.

Other windows look westward and see miles of Richmond landscape.  However, yesterday morning as I looked out one of these windows, a particular pair of flags caught my attention.  Next to the Federal Reserve Building flies a large American flag.  Below it, where one might presume there would be a Virginia flag if a second flag exists, I saw a rainbow flag.  Upon further investigation it was determined that the flag is flying in honor of “Gay Pride Month,” recognized in a presidential proclamation as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month.  (A representative of the Fed claims the President’s proclamation is “not related” to the Fed’s decision to fly the rainbow flag.) 

Although the Federal Reserve is a private entity, it is disappointing to see it participate in this celebration.  Media reports indicate that there have been complaints from employees who are offended by the flag.  According to Sally Green, chief operating officer at the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, “We strongly support a diverse and inclusive culture at the Richmond Fed and have learned that it is important to value and embrace differences, both seen and unseen.”  Apparently that inclusivity doesn’t apply to those who do not condone homosexual behavior.

No doubt President Obama has made advancing the acceptance of homosexual behavior a priority that seems to equal or take precedent over working toward reducing the national debt or reducing unemployment.  In the President’s proclamation this year he touts all that he has done to make “significant progress towards achieving equality for LGBT Americans.”  One can presume the president’s words include his support for same-sex marriage.  

In Virginia, the people spoke on this matter when we passed the Constitutional Amendment defining marriage as a union between one man and one woman for our Commonwealth.  In fact, 31 other states have made this declaration in their Constitutions.  Despite polls that indicate more acceptance of same-sex marriage, when the issue goes to the ballot box, traditional marriage wins.

Unfortunately, given the recent decision of the President and United States Attorney General Eric Holder to choose not to defend the federal DOMA statute, the opinions on matters of “equality” by the people of this nation will be subjugated to the opinion of this President. Thankfully, employees of the Federal Reserve have already begun launching complaints.  

At The Family Foundation, we will simply choose to use this flag, like the view of Mr. Jefferson’s capitol, as motivation for the work that lies ahead.