Homosexual Flag Post Sparks Media, Political Frenzy Of Sorts

Our comments earlier today regarding the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond's unprecedented flying of the homosexual pride flag has sparked a media and political frenzy of sorts. Earlier, OneNewsNow.com reported on the controversy, quoting Family Foundation President Victoria Cobb. It caught the attention of Delegate Bob Marshall (R-13, Prince William) who sent a blistering letter to Richmond Fed President Jeffery Lacker. Julian Walker of the Virginian-Pilot appears to be the first to report it tonight, about an hour ago (8:47) followed by our friend Greg Letiecq at Black Velvet Bruce Li, who enthusiastically applauds the delegate for his rebuke — and well deserved, too. Delegate Marshall takes on the misinformation that the Federal Reserve somehow is unaccountable because it is a private entity. But it is chartered by Congress under federal law and its Board of Governors are approved by Congress. It controls the nation's money supply, the amount of currency that is printed (inflation, anyone?) and interest rates for crying out loud! For a private entity, with no governmental accountability, it seems to do massively important governmental functions. Below is Delegate Marshall's letter — with its unfortunate misspelling of Mr. Lacker's name.