Rude Behavior A Universal Tactic Of The Left

Last week we posted a video of staffers from two of the General Assembly's most liberal members — Democrat Delegate Mark Sickles (D-43, Fairfax) and Democrat Senator George Barker (D-39, Fairfax) — physically blocking a videographer from recording a public town hall meeting. Not surprisingly, those rude tactics appear to be universal leftist ploys: When your ideas aren't acceptable, you raise a ruckus demagogue your opponents while trying to obfuscate your own proposals.

Recently, left-wing activists in Wisconsin attempted to disrupt a Special Olympics ceremony that Governor Scott Walker attended to display their anger at his duly enacted policies (gotta love those big-hearted, compassionate liberals). There are plenty of methods to make public one's points of dissatisfaction with policy. But disrupting the Special Olympics? Ruining a special day for special children? How do you spell d-e-s-p-e-r-a-t-e?

Of course, we could warn that if we're not careful such tactics may be coming to Virginia. But they already have. Speaking of the adamantly pro-life Governor Walker, the budget he signed this week makes Wisconsin the fourth state this year to defund Planned Parenthood, following Indiana, Kansas and North Carolina (see Weasel Zippers).

Be on the watch. These tactics could come to Virginia. Ooops! They already have!