The Case Of The Curiously Missing Video From Client Number 9's CNN Web Site

As we previewed yesterday, last night Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli ( appeared on CNN's In The Arena, which is hosted by Client Number 9, the former Governor of New York, also known as Eliot Spitzer. The previous time the AG appeared on his show, Mr. Cuccinelli patiently instructed Client Number 9 on the correct interpretation of the Constitution and why ObamaCare is unconstitutional. Confused and dazed, and aware that he couldn't pawn off his misguided, misunderstood interpretation of the Constitution with any credibility, Mr. Spitzer last night brought in a hired gun to do his debating for him: Walter Dellinger, a former acting U.S. Solicitor General in the Clinton Administration. Mr. Cuccinelli calmly waxed the floor with him as well, teaching the now-Duke Law School professor the simple (and what should be apparent) fact that the Commerce Clause gives Congress power to regulate commerce, not inactivity. Yet, apparently Duke law students are learning that choosing not to buy something is economic activity and the it is perfectly legal for the government to order its citizens to buy a certain product. Wonderful!

Which probably explains this: Stranger than that twisted logic is that CNN did not post the video — although it posted Mr. Cuccinelli's previous appearance. It found time to post video of every other segment from last night's show, including a tired examination of the economy (which Mr. Spitzer says needs a second "stimulus" bill) and every liberal's favorite type guest — a Republican slamming the GOP presidential field. But no video of Attorney General Cuccinelli explaining the Constitution to two liberals. Client Number 9's producers probably figured one manhandling is enough.

While CNN didn't post its video of Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli taking down two liberals last night, Washington station WMAL-AM had this portion of the AG's guest host stint on its Morning Majority show posted earlier today. It's a good discussion on several issues and worth the listen.