The Personal Side Of Ken Cuccinelli, AG Debates Client Number 9 Tonight At 8:00

Here's an interesting look at Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli — and his wife Teiro: WTVR/CBS6's Angela Pellerrano last night got an inside look inside the AG's home and family life. It's not the typical coverage of the AG (even the station labels it a "Special Report"), so we thought it was worth sharing — not that she doesn't mention the scorn the left-wing media heaps on him and the way the family deals with it.

It's news to the mainstream media: The Cuccinelli's are humans after all!

On another note, Mr. Cuccinelli's interview with Client Number 9 (disgraced former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, now a CNN host), which was postponed last week because of coverage of the tornado in Joplin, Missouri, will take place tonight, at 8:00 p.m. (we're told in the second half hour). Originally, CNN producers wanted to tape an interview the day he was bumped and run it on a later show. However, the AG, wary of the editing job on a previous recorded interview with Spitzer, said live, but no Memorex. He won, just as he has won thus far in his ObamaCare lawsuit, despite Client Number 9 saying no court in America would rule it unconstitutional. Click here to see a November interview of Mr. Cuccinelli by Mr. Spitzer, where the AG gladly explained the law to Client Number 9. If the past is prologue, expect Client No. 9 to get another legal lesson tonight.