Are Your Legislators 100-Percenters? It's Never Too Late To Say Thank You!

The Family Foundation Action released its 2010-2011 General Assembly Report Card in late spring and several delegates and senators scored a 100 percent pro-family voting record. That's quite a commitment to the pro-family, limited government philosophy — lawmakers were "scored" on 20 key votes over the 2010 and 2011 sessions of the General Assembly. It also shows the consistency that comes from holding fast to time-honored conservative principles. While it is still the political "off season," and the time consuming and hectic nature of campaigns and legislating is taking just a bit of a break, we encourage you to, if you haven't already, look over the Report Card (click here) and see how your delegate and senator fared. If either or both scored reasonably high, you may want to drop them a thank you note. If either or both scored 100 percent, you really should send them a thank you note.

When the General Assembly is in town each winter, we encourage pro-family Virginians to engage and stay in touch with their legislators. But asking them to vote for or against certain bills isn't all that staying engaged means. It also means thanking them, when deserved, for a job well done. They will appreciate it and you will establish an even more credible relationship with them.

So, please contact them and thank them for their support of pro-life, pro-family, limited government legislation. Because of their 100 percent voting record, we are able to celebrate many important legislative victories. From abortion center safety to property rights protections, Virginia is a better place to live today because of the pro-family votes of your representative.

Our elected officials take a lot of criticism, so in these days of hyper-anti-politician sentiment (and soon-to-come campaign smears from the hyper-left), it's important to encourage and support those elected officials who vote our shared values and take strong stands on values-based issues. Please take just a couple of minutes to look up your legislators' score and thank those who scored high, especially the "100-percenters."

Look up your delegate and senator

Look up their 2010-2011 Family Foundation Action Report Card scores