Debt Limit Teaches Us About More Than Country's Mismanaged Finances

Here's more on the debt limit controversy that is instructive — two short videos, in fact, that punch above their weight for what they tell us. One is a lesson about a dangerous policy. The other is an example of the dangers of the corruption of political speech. First, our friends at Public Notice Research & Educational Fund, which does some of the best work in the country on educating citizens on the seriousness of the explosion of big government, have produced an ad that is going viral almost as fast as Barack Obama and Harry Reid can borrow, print and spend money (more than 470,00 views after only two days). Its instructiveness is a straight-up, in-your-face explanation on the calamitous nature of the national debt. Public Notice has set up a new web site dedicated entirely to Washington's failure to manage our money and to further educate the public on this vital issue. It's called Here's the ad:

Washington politicians are addicted. An intervention is needed . . . by American voters.

The second video is of Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner (who's never held a private sector job) responding to a question from Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday. Mr. Wallace simply asks where President Obama's debt ceiling plan is since he has not put out a legislative proposal to Congress. Mr. Geithner employs two of The Left's most vicious tricks. First, he says there is a plan although there is no plan; a non-plan is the plan. Calling night "day" doesn't make it so, except in liberal land. He also adds that Republican debt plans would "devastate the country," as if his 9.2 percent unemployment, nonexistent GDP growth, rising food, gas and commodity prices, and the entire litany of our economic troubles are not devastating the country.

He also adds a twist, a newer leftist tactic: It's not fair to cite facts. Facts, you see, are out of bounds, and besides, it's not our fault. The Left projects what it decides what it wants your words to mean. It's all about redefinition (as with marriage and any institution it wants to co-opt to transform our culture). Only political rhetoric? Hardly. It's a calculated method of muddying the dialogue to obfuscate goals and demonize opponents. Listen in:

Multitasking Geithner-style: Mismanaging the country's finances while redefining the language.

Two short videos. Two significant lessons.