Pro-Abortion Forces Using More Scare Tactics As Abortion Center Regs Get Closer

The offseason of any professional sports league often is referred to as the "silly season" because there is nothing in the way of competition to report, so reporters, fans, talking heads and online pundits feed their hunger on rumors and speculation on free-agent signings, potential trades and coach firings. Well, there's nothing else to do and you have to keep interest up, right? It's sort of the same thing in politics — when the General Assembly isn't in session (okay, it actually still is in session and Governor Bob McDonnell is none too pleased, but that's another subject) there are some who jusssssst can't resist. Planned Parenthood is one such group. It just has to stir the pot. Maybe it's the summer heat. Maybe it's a way to shake loose some dollars from donors. Who knows? But now that abortion centers finally will have some oversight, the world is coming to an end. It's the same old scare tactics.

The lovely irony that it doesn't admit to, though, is that for years pro-life groups worked for legislation that would have required only three simple requirements for abortion centers: an annual inspection, a defibrillator and a license — bush league stuff in the progressives' world of all-seeing, all-doing government. But they never went in for these reasonable regs, which are less than puppy mills require, playing the "extreme" card and claiming these simple common sense ideas would shut down abortion centers. The only thing extreme was Planned Parenthood's language. It showed the hypocrisy of the pro-abortion movement. So rote is the Planned Parenthood reaction that one year during committee debate, its lobbyist went through an entire laundry list of things that were in the bill and the dastardly things they would do except that none of those assumed regulations were in it. Read the bill! But by all means, do nothing to protect women's health, never mind the unborn.

Which brings us to yesterday. Planned Parenthood now rails against unknown proposed regulations that are months away from being promulgated, much less implemented (see transcript and video from NBC12's Ryan Nobles). It goes without saying, however, that the world is crashing down around us (economically, sure, but it's so passe to count job losses) and the mean social conservatives are imposing their religion on us. Are you scared yet? Of course, South Carolina has very strict abortion center regulations (which have been ruled constitutional) and that state seems to function quite well (except when the Obama administration tries to stop thousands of jobs from coming there to appease union bosses, see NRTWC Blog), but again, jobs are irrelevant these days, see The Hill). None of that matters. None of it! Because, it's the silly season.