What Have You Done Over The Last 925 Days?

We're upon Labor Day and instead of our attention being focused on the American worker, it's on getting America working. Our country is in a jobs crisis. Today's unemployment report reflected the predictable and continued job creation stagnation that surely envelops societies that binge on government expansion, takeovers, bailouts, regulation and massive debt. PGA golfer and ESPN analyst Paul Azinger had a headline grabbing tweet last week that pretty much summed up the situation (see Rick Moran at The American Thinker): Of course, ESPN scandalized Azinger at its hypocritical best (see Dana Loesch at BigJournalism.com). But that's another blog post when I'm on another deadline and need an easy target. What Azinger's comment did do was ring a bell with me when I received this from our friends at Let Freedom Ring. It's a new campaign to highlight the productivity of Americans while their president embarks on golf trips, vacations and creates excuses (though he sought the job) rather than jobs. It's called 925 days — the time from the day he signed his crippling and cynical stimulus into law — to his Martha's Vineyard vacation. It calls our attention to our situation, but also calls us to action.

He still has his: Do we pay him to work or golf? Actually, maybe he should stay out on the course.