Who's The Biggest Lawbreaker Of Them All? Is There A Law That Governs Government? (There's Supposed To Be.)

Pamphleteering was the e-mailing or social media or blogging of the Revolutionary and early Federal periods of American history — that is to say, the Founding period, the most influential time of our country's history. Consider the writers today'sbloggers. Mostly, they were anonymous of used pseudonyms. They got big ideas out to the public and rallied American opinion. The Federalist Papers are, perhaps, the best example of that era's pamphlets. While there might not necessarily be a rebirth of political pamphleteering, two men are appropriately using this decidedly patriotic form of communication to breath new life into those founding principles the Framers of the Constitution set forth to establish our democratic republic not only for themselves, but for us and succeeding generations. Conservative stalwart and communications innovator Richard Viguerie and Mark J. Fitzgibbons have written, and titled in ever-so-Committee-of-Correspondence manner, The Law That Governs Government: Reclaiming the Constitution from Usurpers and Society's Biggest Lawbreakers, a 63-page pamphlet on Founding principles, who's violating them, and how we can restore them. All that and, true to the Spirit of '76, it's free at reclaimtheconstituion.com!

About the latter subject matter in the title, it may (or may not) shock you as to who it is. (Take your guesses now, Jeopardy! theme playing, 3 . . . 2 . . . 1.) It's the government itself! Exempting itself from laws, making it up as it goes along, double-standards, infringing on liberties it is supposed t protect, you name it. It all makes for fascinating reading. We encourage you to get a preview first in this interview Fitzgibbons sits down for with Martha Kleder of Concerned Women for America. Among the issues he discusses is how the Fourth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, in Virginia's lawsuit against the federal government over Obamacare, created its own law in overturning a lower court's ruling that the legislation is unconstitutional.

Click here or on the image for Mark J. Fitzgibbons' interview with Martha Kleder on reclaiming the constitution and who its biggest lawbreaker are! (10:17)