“Voted To Criminalize Abortion!”

It’s that time of year, when political parties and candidates allow their consultants to write over-the-top mail pieces to scare the living daylights out of voters.  You know, the “it’s the end of the world as we know it” if you vote for so-and-so mailers. This week, we learned of a hit piece done by the Democrat Party of Virginia on behalf of at least one candidate, Pamela Danner, who is running against incumbent Republican Barbara Comstock in HD 34.

The piece claims: “In Richmond, Barbara Comstock…voted to criminalize abortion and to charge women and their doctors with felonies.”  Not only that, but it reports that Delegate Comstock voted to “close down clinics that also provide contraception.”

Yikes!  Someone call Margaret Sanger, quick!

Of course, Delegate Comstock did no such thing.  The legislation that the DPV hit piece speaks of is HB 1440 and SB 924 (also HB 393 from last year and HB 1428 from this year).  HB 1440 is modeled after a law that has been on the books in Missouri for nearly 30 years that has been upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court and has done nothing like what DPV claims.  In fact, the only practical effect of the law is to provide wrongful death protections for the unborn when they are killed through an act of negligence.

The other bills are regarding abortion center safety regulations.  Of course, DPV doesn’t mention that in their mailer.  Probably because they too read the polling showing that a majority of Virginians support the regulations – including independents.  What Delegate Comstock did do, along with 62 of her colleagues in the House of Delegates, is support SB 924, a bill that required the Board of Health to create regulations for abortion centers.  Senate Democrats Chuck Colgan and Phil Puckett voted in favor of the same legislation – I wonder if DPV will be telling voters in their districts?

The piece also attacks Comstock for voting to prohibit funding of “public universities…to conduct lifesaving stem cell research.”  Again, a fabrication.  She and many of her colleagues voted to prohibit the taxpayer subsidizing of embryonic stem cell research – research that has yet to produce a single treatment or cure for anyone, much less anything “lifesaving.”

Unfortunately, facts never seem to get in the way of a good political hit piece.  This time, pro-life legislators are being attacked in a clearly deceitful way.