2,061 Voters And Counting ...

Yesterday, The Family Foundation Action created the Facebook event “Electing a Pro-Family General Assembly.”  Within the first few hours, 2,061 and counting invites have been sent and people are rapidly committing to show up on Election Day to vote for pro-family values!  This will allow us to send a last minute “don’t forget to vote” to thousands of likeminded, pro-family voters on Election Day.  Imagine the effect this could have … imagine if all the pro-family voters in Virginia showed up on November 8th … imagine the General Assembly they would elect … Will you partner with us in this 4-minute way of making an impact on the November 8th elections?

Here’s how you can help:

1.  Login and join “Electing a Pro-Family General Assembly” on Facebook.

2.  Invite your friends to join “Electing a Pro-Family General Assembly.”

3.  Tell your friends to tell their friends to join “Electing a Pro-Family General Assembly.”

4.  Use your Facebook status the day before and on Election Day to remind friends to vote.

All it takes is 4 minutes to make an enormous impact on the November 8th elections.  Partner with us.  Vote.


Paid for by The Family Foundation Action.