Edd, Maime Locke on Line 1...

Yesterday, the Daily Press blog “The Shad Plank” reported that Democrat state Senator Maime Locke was upset when a group parked a truck outside her church and called her out for her pro-abortion voting record.  The blog post states:

She also questioned the groups motives.

"The interesting part is there were three trucks parked in the parking lot of a church adjacent to ours. That's clearly mixing religion and politics," Locke said.

The dreaded mixing of politics and religion...

Interestingly, a day later, the Free Lance Star has an article about a different group’s efforts in state Senator Edd Houck’s district.  Apparently a local pastor is upset at fliers being distributed in his community that call out Houck’s pro-abortion record.  The Free Lance Star adds,

As a result, [Rev. Lawrence] Davies invited Houck to speak at his church.

“I told him I felt like the people needed to know that he was not the ogre that this flier is projecting or showing him to be. They need  to see that he is human,” he said.

I’m sure Maime will be on the phone with Edd any minute now urging him not to mix religion and politics.