Legislative Interns and Pages Needed

Usually, there’s not much we agree upon, but today proves to be an exception. In an email alert to their supporters, the ACLU of Virginia proclaimed victory recently: “A Norfolk judge found our client not guilty of disorderly conduct, which he was charged with when he refused to stop video recording police during a public demonstration. Thanks to the First Amendment, individuals have the right to take photographs of pretty much anything they want in public places…” The Family Foundation could not agree more! This year will be The Family Foundation’s fourth year videotaping General Assembly committee meetings to help hold legislators accountable and provide you with video of what legislators actually say, and how they act, in committee. Some of the things we’ve caught on tape would make your jaw drop – for example, one senator compared school choice for low income children to selling our children into slavery. There are also lighthearted moments we’ve caught on tape – for example, Delegate Bill Janis’ up close (too much information, actually) examination of our camera lens! You can be assured that if the General Assembly is in session, The Family Foundation’s cameras are rolling. We shine light on the votes that were once cast anonymously in dark committee rooms.

That brings me to my main point … we need videotape operators and by that, I mean interns and pages. The Family Foundation is still accepting high school pages and college interns for the upcoming General Assembly session (January through March). This is a great opportunity for students to gain hands-on legislative experience. Videotaping is just one part of what our interns and pages will be assisting with during session. Other tasks include but are not limited to creating legislative talking points, monitoring bill hearings, and delivering policy research to legislators. For more information regarding these positions, click here. Those interested in interning or paging should contact Jessica Cochrane, Policy Analyst, at 804-343-0010 or by email at Jessica@FamilyFoundation.org.