"Safety" Net Obama and Kaine Style

Next week, the Virginia Board of Social Services will again vote on a regulation that has the potential of forcing the agencies that facilitate nearly 80 percent of the adoptions in Virginia to cease operating, thus leaving hundreds of children and families in peril. One would think that the "compassionate" left would be outraged, but if what the Obama administration and its primary cheerleader, former Virginia Governor Tim Kaine, have done is an indication, they are perfectly fine with fewer vulnerable children being protected in the name of "equality" and for the sake of abortion.

You see, it was Kaine, currently running for the U.S. Senate, who introduced the regulation the Board will vote on next week.  But while homosexual activist groups claim the regulation will provide more "loving homes" for kids, the opposite is actually true.  In Virginia, single homosexuals can already adopt, the proposed regulation won't change that.  Agencies can already choose to adopt children to homosexuals.  Instead, the proposal would eliminate dozens of organizations, many of whom are Catholic, that facilitate adoption thereby decreasing the number of children that are adopted.  Fewer kids in fewer homes.

The President, on the other hand, and his administration has made it clear Catholics and Catholic ministries are to be discriminated against because of their strong pro-life stance, even though they are some of the most effective organizations in the country at helping the vulnerable.  Earlier this Fall, the Obama Administration ceased funding for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ (USCCB) work with victims of sex slavery and trafficking.  Why?  Certainly not because they weren't getting the job done.  In fact, The Washington Post reported that UCCB had received higher scores of effectiveness than other organizations that received grants.  So what was the difference?

Simple, the other organizations aren't pro-life.

The message here: helping children, protecting the vulnerable, and providing a safety net can only be done if you are pro-abortion and pro-homosexuality.  All others need not apply.