GA's First Week Completed

Outside of a few speeches on the floor of the House and some fireworks during Senate organization votes on day one, the first week of the 2012 General Assembly has passed relatively uneventfully.  But such is the sometimes the case in the "long session," where legislators spend the first few days of the 60-day session basking in the glory of their recent election victories and, for new legislators, learn their way around the General Assembly Building and Capitol. Few bills have been heard in the various committees.  With over 2,000 in the hopper and more on the way, the pressure will begin to build very soon.  Now, when they are in committee, the phrase "passed by for the day" is heard often, as legislators push their bills back to the next committee meeting, often a week away.  Later, that will mean packed committee meetings with dozens of bills that will have to be debated.  The phrase, "Don't postpone until tomorrow what you can do today" has never really sunk in at the General Assembly.

Today, The Family Foundation and our pro-family allies staffed the first official meeting of the Conservative Caucus for this session.  The CC is a group of conservative members of both the House and Senate, led by co-chairs Senator Mark Obenshain and Delegate Ben Cline.  The CC set their agenda, and rolled it out later at a capitol press conference.  These allies in the legislature are usually the members that are most willing to carry pro-family and pro-life legislation.  We are very honored to assist these conservative leaders in preparing strategies and choosing legislative priorities.

You can read more about the CC's legislative agenda here.

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